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This is an ideal set to get you started with everything you need to infuse loose leaf teas, in this set you will receive:

- 1 bag of organic loose leaf infusion of your choice
- 1 pair of bamboo tea tongs or 1 spoon
- 2 Reusable unbleached cotton tea bags

This collection is also a perfect little gift for any loose leaf lover.


Please specify a preference of Herbal tea choice whilst ordering.You can choose from 1 of the following blends:



Wise Woman


See individual listings for further infusion descriptions.


Please feel free to add a personalised message to your order - we are very happy to do so.

Small Women's Wellness Box

  • Infuse and serve

    Hot, iced and with fresh herbs


    Hot: 1tsp per 250mls at 90˚C / Infuse 3-5 mins / Enjoy 1-3 refills


    Iced: 2tsp per 250mls at 90˚C / Infuse 6-8 hrs Strain, bottle, keep in fridge for up to 72hrs / Serve 1 part tea : 2 parts still/sparkling H20


    Works well with added fresh Lemon balm and/or Mint.

  • All of our packaging is biodegradable, recyclable and reusable and all bags are lined with or made out of corn starch plastic to seal in the freshness and flavour of the herbal teas (cornstarch plastic is a fully biodegradable material).

    Once you have finished your tea, all you have to do is remove the tin tie at the top of the bag and place into your food waste/ compost disposal.

    N.B.. The information we provide about the actions and properties of our products is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illness or condition, or a substitute for seeking professional medical advice.

    The information we provide comes from the natural properties and characteristics of the plant based material we use in our products.

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