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Calendula / Pot Marigold

- Pack of 50  Seeds


Calendula Officinalis

Sow: March to May / September to October 
Harvest: June to October 
Height: 45cm+

Beautiful bright orange flowers that last all summer long and attract a wide range of insects. Flowers are also edible and are a wonderful addition to teas, salads and many a soothing herbal preparation.


Sowing instructions: 

Seed can be sown in spring or autumn. Start in seed trays early spring then pot on into 7cm pots, and again into 9cm before planting out. You can sow directly into the soil after April.


Seeds germinate in 14-28 days.

Growing instructions:
Allow approx. 30cm between plants. Pick flowers to use or deadhead plants regularly throughout the growing season to encourage new flowers to grow.

Calendula Seed

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