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Cymbopogon citratus  

Sow: January to March 
Harvest: July to October 
Height: 90cm  

Approx. 250 seeds

Essential in eastern cuisine and is also a decorative grass. Native to sub-tropical climates so it will struggle in a British winter. Grow either as an annual or in pots that can be moved indoors. 

Sowing Instructions:

Lemongrass seeds are best started under cover early in the year. We start them in seed trays (available here) from early January, then pot on into 7cm pots, and again into 9cm before thir final position in larger pots in late spring/early Summer. 

The seeds need heat to germinate. Usually the warmth of a sunny windowsill is enough, or use a heated propagator if you have access to one. 



Allow at leat 75cm between plants. Pinch out the main growing tip when the plants are about 30cm high - this encourages them to become bushy.



Harvest from late July when the fruits are about 30cm long. 

Lemongrass Seed

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