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- Pack of 20 Seeds

Borago officinalis

Sow: March to July
Harvest: June to October
Height: 60cm+

A fantastic addition to any garden. The bright blue blooms are destined for the love of all of the pollinators and a wonderful addition to salads, frozen into ice cubes and even added to an iced tea or herbal cocktail! Will freely self seed if allowed, so once you have one plant you'll never be without again.


Sowing instructions: 

Sow a few seeds in a 7cm pot and thin to the strongest seedling once plants become established. Pot into a 9cm pot when roots fill the pot. 

Seeds germinate in 7-14 days.

Growing instructions:
Plants are happy in full sun or part shade in soil that is fairly fertile. Snip off the seed heads before seeds ripen if you don't want plants to self seed. 

Borage Seed

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